Video walls are becoming increasingly popular as they create an immersive experience for any event. Renting a video wall can be an excellent choice for those who want to make a statement at their next event. With a high-definition display and the ability to customize the content, a video wall can enhance the atmosphere of any event.

  • Whether it’s a product launch
  • Gala event
  • Annual report
  • Large-scale show program
  • Exhibition
  • Forum
  • Conference

Video wall rental

Among the huge range of video projection equipment used at events, special attention should be paid to seamless video wall rentals. The mounting technology of these constructions makes it possible to set up a projection screen of almost any size on the stage. And the quality of the images on it will always be consistently high.

Large screens are modeled on the basis of plasma panels of medium size 46″ and 55″. And the frame between the screens does not exceed the size of 6 mm! So you can get a clear, bright and high quality image of any size.


Advantages of video walls

Video walls offer a remarkable advantage over other projection surfaces, providing high-quality images and a superior viewing experience for event attendees. In addition, their seamless display and customizable configurations make them the ideal choice for large-scale productions, corporate events, and special occasions.

An added benefit of video walls is the flexibility they offer in creating content specifically tailored to the unique needs of the event. Video walls allow event organizers to showcase branded content and high-resolution graphics that add an extra level of visual interest and engagement to the event.

Using video walls for presentations and events is a very common practice nowadays. A similar list of services is offered by many rental companies.

Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing a provider. The installation and operation of plasma video walls are associated with some difficulties, and this equipment requires a high level of technical expertise of the installation team. The quality of the event depends not only on the equipment itself, which will be provided to you at the time of the event.

Content production for video walls

Another benefit of incorporating video walls into an event is the ability to customize content in real time. With a team of experienced professionals dedicated to monitoring and updating the video screen, organizers can make immediate changes based on audience reaction, speaker presentations or other last-minute adjustments. In addition, the interactive nature of video walls is a remarkable tool for encouraging attendee engagement and participation. By allowing attendees to interact with the display, the experience becomes even more memorable and leaves a lasting impression on attendees long after the event is over.

Seamless video wall rental is a whole complex of services. This includes the installation and accompaniment of the equipment during the event, solving any technical problems and quality dismantling of all the equipment at the end of the vacation. Therefore, when renting seamless plasma panels, it is important to turn to specialists with great experience in this field.


Using video walls at various events

Another benefit of using video walls as part of an event is that organizers can keep up with the latest developments during the event. This can make the event more inclusive and lively, as attendees feel more involved and invested in the activities of the event. By using video wall technology, organizers can also create a more cohesive event experience that attendees will remember long after the event is over.

The cost of renting seamless panels for Holo Pro customers always remains at an acceptable level, and we always monitor the quality of our services very carefully. To work with regular customers, we have developed a very profitable system of progressive discounts and promotions. And by cooperating with the company Golo Pro you will always receive the highest quality of services at the best price. Such specialists are, without a doubt, the employees of the company Holo Pro.

Our company has an extensive list of events. We use video wall rental for both small corporate events and citywide events.


Video walls are the perfect choice for creating an immersive experience that engages and entertains guests. Some of the uses for video walls at events include stage backdrops, digital signage, experiential booths and immersive art installations. With the use of video walls, event organizers can create a visually stunning atmosphere that not only captivates guests, but also leaves a lasting impression.

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