Video system for rent

High quality equipment for your event is essential for a successful outcome. Video systems, such as plasma screens and Seamless Screens, are an important part of any event and are available for rent at Holo Pro Company.

Renting video systems offers several advantages over buying them outright:

  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility in upgrading or changing the type of system for future events
  • Convenience in transporting equipment from one venue to another


HOLO PRO is a major player in the video store market.

This is not only due to the fact that we work only with the most modern technology and constantly improve our knowledge and skills. Every year our employees take part in training courses abroad to improve their qualifications and master new equipment from the world’s most important manufacturers. We constantly participate in trade fairs where new trends in video projection are presented. And we try to apply the most successful solutions in our work on the territory of Russia. You can see it in our portfolio!

Only the latest technology and only the most advanced solutions in the field of organizing and conducting presentations can make your event truly special and unforgettable. And this is where our tasks coincide with yours. After all, we want every Holo Pro event to be unforgettable.

Video equipment rental


Hardly any important event takes place without our participation. Whether it is video projection, rental or leasing of video equipment for a corporate event or a small presentation for your company’s clients, participation in filling the booth at the fair or forum, or large-scale video projection at the city level – everywhere Holo Pro employees have managed to show themselves as highly professional specialists who know and love their job.


The scale and cost of the event do not matter. Video projection at an event is a kind of creative process. From renting the video equipment to organizing the installation site to creating the video content, there is room for inspiration and true creativity.

How to choose a reliable supplier

When considering renting video systems for an event, pay attention to both quality and price to achieve a perfect balance between the two. Quality should come first, as inferior video systems will detract from the overall look of your event. However, this does not mean that you should only buy top-of-the-line products if they do not fit your budget. Instead, look for rental companies that offer high-quality but affordable options so that you get good value for your money without breaking the bank. Also, research customer reviews about different rental companies before making a decision, as this will help you find reliable providers that offer excellent service at reasonable prices.


At our events true masterpieces of holographic show are born. Based on the wishes of our dear clients and combined with our talent and unparalleled experience, we achieve an ideal price-quality ratio in the preparation and execution of each project. When choosing a rental partner for video, projection and lighting equipment, you never make a mistake – choose Holo Pro.

To sum up, renting video systems instead of buying them outright offers great benefits while giving customers more control over their budget as high-quality products are offered at reasonable prices, achieving a perfect balance between qualityand price . When carefully examining customer reviews on various rental companies

Our customers can rest assured that they will receive high-quality equipment from reliable vendors who will ensure that all events run smoothly, regardless of the level at which they are held.


Our main working principles – attention to detail, accuracy in the performance of tasks and unconditional compliance with the wishes of our customers!

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  1. Jeffery

    We rented seamless panels for the event, they brought and installed everything on time, everything went just fine. There was support throughout the work of video equipment. The cost was normal, and in general all conditions were suitable, nothing was invented and not taken from the ceiling.

  2. Denise

    I find this organization on the Internet when I was looking for video projection equipment to rent for our corporate holiday. I went through many companies, but in the end I chose the specialists of Holo Pro. I chose for a long time. Thoughtfully. I read reviews, studied the website, called the office and talked to real people. And I made up my mind! To say that I was happy is an understatement. All very competently, the company takes care of all the complicated work with technical equipment, which is very important and helps me to concentrate on other things! At the event, I didn’t even think I’d have any trouble at all. All like clockwork. I recommend everyone)

  3. Henry Owens

    A very practical method. They work with maximum efficiency at any time of the day or night. You get the booked equipment exactly as you order it, without fearful replacements and redirections to other places. Projectors are all clean, projection screens are not killed. They are always helpful in creating content. Even if deadlines are tight any rented video equipment will be delivered on time, 100%. I highly recommend this team, excellent craftsmen, cheerful and very competent, with interest listen to their advice and recommendations that are almost always relevant and apply them in practice to facilitate the task of organizing a projection show of any complexity. Professionals. I continue to cooperate with them to this day.

  4. Kevin Peterson

    I have been working with them for 7 years. Professional team, good organization. Excellent work. Always available for rent any projection equipment. Media solutions for business are always on top!

  5. Ruth Holmes

    Open, clear estimates, the most convenient website for our special event, a competent team of coordinators, “friendly” advice on what projector to choose to rent, how best to prepare content for the projection. Among the already cool, there are some super cool exclusive features. Lots of authorship developments. Guys on the phone 25/8, no headache from anything; Bravo