Interactive Touchscreen: A revolutionary way to engage your target audience

In today’s digital age, where people spend most of their time online, traditional advertising methods no longer have the same impact. Businesses need innovative ways to capture customers’ attention and interact with them. Interactive touchscreens are a game changer in this regard and offer a variety of benefits to businesses.

A new word in the field of advertising

Interactive touchscreens are an innovative technology that creates a new dimension in the field of advertising. Interactive interfaces allow customers to engage with the products or services on offer, significantly increasing engagement and customer loyalty. Interactive touchscreens are becoming increasingly popular in the retail sector, as companies have recognized and benefited from their sales-enhancing effect.

Rental of interactive touchscreens.

In today’s world, it is impossible to imagine our daily life without all kinds of technological devices. What about those special moments in the life of every person or company, when it comes to making an event beautiful and unforgettable. Here we use all the knowledge and techniques.

For an extraordinary event, forum, presentation or exhibition, it is now common to use new, unconventional and creative approaches.

The benefits of Holo Pro’s interactive touchscreen technology include

Interactive touchscreens offer many benefits that can positively impact the businesses that use them. Below are some of the key benefits of using interactive touchscreens in advertising:

  1. Effective way to interact with your target audience: Interactive touchscreens provide customers with a more personalized experience, allowing them to interact with brands in a way that traditional advertising methods cannot. They can touch, swipe, and scroll content while exploring products or services in detail.
  2. Helps capture the attention of customers: Interactive touchscreens, with their dynamic displays and high-quality images, are designed to capture customers’ attention and make them more willing to engage and interact with the content being offered.
  3. Can be used in a variety of environments: Interactive touchscreens can be used in almost any environment, from trade shows and exhibitions to retail stores, offering exciting opportunities to engage customers in different locations and from different demographics.
  4. Professional approach to solving non-standard tasks: Interactive touchscreens offer unique opportunities to solve complex and non-standard tasks. This allows businesses to offer better customer experiences and more effective solutions to real-world problems.

And one of these approaches to the question of a beautiful and informative content of your event is undoubtedly the rental of an interactive screen.

This technology is still relatively young and not everyone knows what it is – an interactive touchscreen.

What is an interactive touchscreen?

Интерактивный сенсорный экран

Интерактивный сенсорный экранThis technology allows interaction between a person and an image projected by a computer in the simplest and most natural way. With a simple touch of the screen, you can make a presentation, an advertising campaign, and so on. The user can select the information that interests him. The screen diagonal can vary according to the customer’s needs. From 32 “(81.28 cm) to 70” (177.80 cm).

Interactive touchscreen for presentations.

The interactive screen for presentations is used for quick visualization of graphics, quick change of slides and clearer work with the presented material. When using an interactive touchscreen at exhibitions, guests can be familiarized with the promoted material in a simple and entertaining way. And this is by no means a complete list of applications for interactive screens.

Интерактивный сенсорный экран

The cost of renting an interactive screen.

For a wedding, event, corporate event or company anniversary, you can use an interactive screen at almost any event. And the cost of renting from Holo Pro is much more attractive than our competitors in the market. We have been dealing with the rental and sale of interactive screens for many years and were practically the first to bring these devices to Russia. Thus, in the offer of Holo Pro you can always find an interactive screen at a favorable price for you.

Why choose our company’s innovative technology?

Our company is a leader in the development of interactive touchscreen products and has developed innovative solutions that allow businesses to effectively reach and engage their target audiences. Our products are technologically advanced and feature reliability and functionality, which makes them an ideal investment.

In addition, Holo Pro’s team of experts is dedicated to providing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses. With our interactive touchscreens, you can leave a lasting impression by providing your customers with an experience they won’t forget.


Interactive touchscreens offer a way to revolutionize traditional advertising methods, making them more engaging, memorable, and effective. By investing in innovative technology from Holo Pro Company, such as interactive touchscreens, businesses have the opportunity to interact with customers in a meaningful and long-term context.

If you want to take your business to new heights, it’s time to make the switch to interactive touchscreens. Write to us today to explore the possibilities!

Interactive touchscreen technology is a revolutionary way to connect with your customers. Discover its benefits and how it engages your target audience. Invest in our company’s innovative approach and impress with immersive experiences.

Discover interactive touchscreens today.

Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you on Holo Pro products and services.

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    Yesterday we had a corporate party! The guys did a great video presentation on the touch screen! All the equipment worked without any problem! Good luck with all your projects!

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    Holo’s team, do you know that our guests ask us repeated this lovely day?! That’s probably the most important feedback, when all 70 people come up and say how cool everything is, how incredibly beautiful everything is! You’re made our day. Interactive touch screens, holograms, projectors and LED floor. You made it so easy and effortless that we could enjoy every minute and not have to worry about anything. Your team are 100% professionals who heard us and made everything look beautiful, from the coordination to the people behind the scenes.

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    A big thanks Holo Pro specialists for their help in organizing party for our company to celebrate the team-building and summarizing of the year results.

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    The best company for interactive exhibition technologies! Touch screens, holograms and other innovative projection solutions for business.

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    We rented several interactive tables from Holo Pro for our store. On the tables we ran ads with our special offer, where it was possible to see and choose the product of the action, get a discount and a gift. The program for this also written by Holo Pro programmers. It worked perfectly, without stiffnesses or glitches. Visitors actively spent, in general, good business, not once regretted the money spent, the tables did an excellent job with their role. Many thanks to the staff of holo!