3D mapping: The future of the event industry

Gone are the days of boring event setups. Say hello to the world of 3D mapping, the revolutionary technology that has taken the event industry by storm. From large weddings to corporate product launches, 3D mapping adds a new dimension to events of all sizes and complexity. So let us dive in!

Holo Pro creative group pays close attention to modern trends in video projection art. It successfully applies its skills and genuine originality in the planning and execution of creative 3D mapping installations in modern urban settings.

Video mapping on various projection surfaces is clearly an important component of the work done by Holo Pro.

3D Mapping Options

3D mapping technology offers event organizers a wealth of options. With modern projectors and powerful software, it is now possible to project dynamic 3D visualizations onto almost any surface. Whether it’s a building facade or a wedding gown, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the surfaces that can be used for 3D mapping:

  1. Buildings
  2. Cars
  3. Wedding dresses
  4. Tables
  5. Stages

and all other objects

Variants of 3D mapping

There are several types of 3D mapping that can be used to create visually stunning events.

The most popular are:

  • Video mapping: 2D and 3D animations are projected onto objects or surfaces to add motion and depth to the visuals.
  • Object mapping: a static object, such as a car or table, is overlaid with 3D visuals to create an immersive experience.
  • Stage mapping: The stage background is transformed with vivid 3D visuals to enhance performances.

What is 3D mapping?

3D mapping is a popular kind of video projection art that enables you to apply a 3D image to practically any real-world item, even humans!

3d mapping

Any real, common object can be transformed into a canvas for a bright, dynamic holographic exhibition by the creative artist Holo Pro using 3D mapping technology.

3D mapping show

Any creative idea may now be readily transformed into a component of the advertising industry, and companies that make the proper bet in marketing their brands and products on the ground-breaking and cutting-edge technology stand to gain significantly from doing so.

Projection Surfaces for 3D Mapping

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of projection surfaces for 3D mapping. However, the biggest challenge in organizing a 3D mapping event is choosing the right company for the job.

Holo Pro has extensive experience in hosting events with 3D mapping technology at any scale

Factors such as size, shape and texture must be considered before finalizing a surface. It is recommended that a site visit be made before the final decision is made.

Video mapping

The practical scope of 3D video mapping is unimaginably vast. Video mapping projection devices can be seen at almost any event, from the smallest chamber to an event of urban scale. Even at such events as weddings, elements of the video projection show have long been used, and video mapping (3D mapping) at a creative wedding is now just a sign of good manners and fine, refined taste.

Creating content for projection

Creating content for 3D mapping is a complex process involving Holo Pro animators, designers, and technicians. Content must be compelling, relevant and unique to the event. A storyboard is created to generate ideas and visualize the projection, which is then converted into a 3D model using specialized software. The final output is optimized and prepared for projection.

Organizing a 3D mapping event

Organizing a 3D mapping event requires extensive planning and coordination. It is recommended to hire an experienced event management company that specializes in 3D mapping. Below you will find the main steps to organize such an event:

  1. Site inspection and selection of the projection surface.
  2. Content creation and optimization.
  3. Setting up and testing the projection mapping.
  4. Technical rehearsals and coordination on site.
  5. Execution of the event and dismantling after the event.

3D mapping technology is now used for theater plays, video mapping at concerts by well-known Russian and international performers, and developing video mapping for significant museum exhibitions.

Video mapping in theater has become an essential component of the entire production and is no longer limited to the projection of scenery onto the stage backdrop. It can also be a holographic projection (3D hologram) during the performance, elements of the decoration, a key component of the main show, the projection of the principal actors’ costumes, and much more.

Video mapping presentation

Video mapping is widely used in advertising and corporate presentations, and it always has a huge WOW effect on the audience.


Order 3D mapping

Holo Pro has extensive experience in creating videos for 3D mapping shows throughout Russia as well as in organizing and performing the installation itself. You can order video mapping for your celebration from Holo Pro by calling our number right now. We always strive to provide quality services at affordable prices to our valued clients.

The company’s qualified professionals will give you all the services you require, and you will quickly and affordably acquire a ready-to-use video mapping solution for your event!

3D mapping is the future of the event experience, adding a new dimension of excitement and grandeur to any event. With its endless possibilities and variations, it is sure to captivate audiences. Organizing a 3D mapping event may seem daunting, but with the right planning and execution, it can be a huge success. So add a touch of magic to your next event with 3D mapping technology.

Explore the world of 3D mapping for events of any scale and complexity. Discuss projection options, surfaces and variations. Learn how to organize and create content.

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