When it comes to renting audio equipment for events, Holo Pro is the place to go. From powerful sound systems and microphones to speakers and DJ – we have everything you need to make your event a success.

Speaker rental is a service now used by almost all event organizers. It is absolutely unreasonable to buy expensive equipment for a one-time corporate party or company presentation.

The cost of professional music equipment is not amortized by its one-time use, and it is much more profitable to rent a sound system for your celebration than to buy it.

Holo Pro offers a wide range of sound systems that can be tailored to meet any need and budget.Like:

  1. Deferment equipment for conferences, forums or small events
  2. Compact sound system for family holiday
  3. Sound for cafe and restaurant
  4. Acoustic for small concert
  5. Big events any tape and format

Whether you’re looking for something small and affordable or a powerful system for large events, the expert team will help you find the perfect setup for your needs.

We also offer microphone rentals so you don’t have to worry about having enough microphones on hand if you’re hosting multiple guests at once – just let’s know in advance what kind of microphone(s) you need!

Moreover, if you turn to a professional company, you will receive not only the equipment to support your celebration, but also a whole range of related services for the duration of the celebration.

These include professional installation of the sound system of any complexity and technical support throughout the event. The solution of all logistical issues and more. Whether it is the rental of a simple subwoofer or the installation of a complex sound system, you can always be sure that all the work Holo Pro performs on your behalf will be done on time and within the agreed amount!


Speaker system rental

Ordering sound from the company HOLO PRO is very simple. You just need to call us, and our specialists will be glad to pick up for you the desired equipment at the best price. We will take care of all technical and organizational details related to the delivery, installation, work, disassembly of the acoustic equipment presented to you.

If necessary, we offer you the whole list of our accompanying services. Such as the work of a DJ or presenter at your event, inviting special music groups, organizing the show according to your individual scenario, installing video and lighting equipment, photo or video recording of the solemn event and much more.

And if music is part of your evening program, our company also has all kinds of speakers available – from simple models suitable for background music to complete PA systems that provide crystal-clear sound quality even during live performances – so that everyone can hear every sound perfectly!


Great experience in renting acoustic systems, as well as many years of experience in holding special events – this is the pride of the company. And cooperation with Holo Pro will be your guarantee of success for your event.

In short, whether it’s an intimate gathering with friends or a large corporate event; whatever audio needs are required – large or small – Holo Pro Company has it covered! With their wide range of professional equipment, backed up by expert advice and support staff on hand when needed, you can be sure that no matter how great (or loud!) things get, they’ll always be there, providing a first class service every step of the way to ensure the best possible result every time


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    Excellent staff, always ready to help. Acoustic Equipment is always kept in good condition, ready to rent. The warehouse is as clean as an operating room.

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    Professionals of multimedia and any acoustic systems. Everyone does their part important work and the result is a cohesive and creative project. We recommend to everyone. We have our own production.

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    Fantastic place, always have almost any set of speakers for rent. Prices ok)

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