Virtual manager: the future of the interactive event experience

As technology advances, it is becoming easier to bring events to life through interactive features. One of the most intriguing concepts is human projection through holograms, which allows real managers to interact with attendees in a futuristic and immersive way. In this blog you will learn what human projection is, how to properly prepare content for the holographic manager and what stages of project implementation you will go through with the help of Holo Pro Company.

What is human projection at your event?

Virtual manager is a technology in which a live image of a real person is projected so that they can communicate with the participants as if they were physically present. This technology is often used at events and other interactive spaces, especially in direct sales, where it can have a powerful impact on potential customers.

The key to human projection is a holographic manager – a device that projects 3D images and brings them to life in a realistic and interactive way. In this way, attendees can interact with the managers and receive valuable information.

This is a system for projecting a looping holographic image of a full-size person advertising a service or a product.

How to properly prepare content for the holographic manager?

Preparing content for the holographic manager requires a different approach than traditional presentations. Since the manager is projected as a 3D image, content should be optimized for this environment. The following tips can help you prepare content:

  • Use high-quality images and videos optimized for holographic display.
  • Keep text to a minimum and focus on visual elements that can be seen in 3D.
  • Use sound effects and voice-over narration to enhance the immersive presentation experience.
  • Plan the presentation carefully, taking into account the sequence of images and the manager’s movements.

During long, multi-day exhibitions, all companies inevitably face the problem of stand staff fatigue from hours of strenuous work. It’s critical that a potential customer visiting your stand is always greeted with a friendly smile, a competent approach, and a proper presentation of the advertised services or products.

Stages of the project realization with the help of our company

Holo Pro company specializes in creating extraordinary experiences that increase engagement at events like never before. Our team consists of experienced event specialists dedicated to implementing the latest technologies to make your event unique.

The phases of project implementation with the help of our team include:

  1. Concept Development – We work closely with you to understand the goals of your event and find the best way to integrate human projection into the event.
  2. Content Creation – Our team of content creators develop visually stunning assets optimized for 3D display.
  3. Testing and Preparation – We test the presentation and ensure the content is seamless and optimized for the holographic manager.
  4. Execution – Our team oversees the execution of the presentation and ensures that everything runs smoothly.
  5. Follow-up – After the event, we make sure you are satisfied with the outcome and discuss any further options for using the technology.

Our company has extensive experience taking part in various exhibitions, so when faced with a similar issue and frequently requested virtual 3D promoters from our clients, we came to the obvious conclusion: in order to prevent the event staff from becoming worn out by their constant, monotonous work, it is necessary to delegate this work to holograms staff!

This conclusion made the most sense given that our company was established as a provider of cutting-edge modern technology applications for corporate events and exhibitions. 3D hologram technology has long since transcended the realm of television shows and has waded into our daily lives, enhancing them with color and excitement.

Interactive technologies are increasingly used at events, forums, and exhibitions just as frequently as handing out flyers.

Effectiveness of the technology for the projection of a manager in the field of events

Holographic managers are increasingly being used at events in a variety of industries. The technology has proven to be an effective tool for projecting managers in direct sales, where it can make presentations more interactive and memorable.

The effectiveness of the technology lies in its ability to create a realistic image of the manager as if they were physically present. Attendees can ask questions and receive immediate feedback from the executive, creating a sense of engagement that traditional presentations cannot provide. This makes human projection a valuable tool for any event that wants to stand out from the competition.
Suggested image: A holographic image of a manager speaking to an audience

Our 3D virtual promoter attracts attention, its mere presence in the presentation area creates a kind of information event.

The future is here, and it is holographic

In summary, virtual manager technology is the future of the interactive event experience. It offers a unique way to provide attendees with an unforgettable experience while highlighting the message and goals of the event. By working with our company, you can ensure that your event is a success and that attendees leave with lasting memories of the experience.

Readers should consider using holographic managers at their next event and contact our team to begin the planning and execution process.

Holographic managers can bring your event to life! Create interactive experiences with realistic images of your manager projected as a hologram. Contact us to start planning your unique event.

Regardless of the length of the event, our virtual manager works as long as necessary and never gets tired of outlining the advantages of your business to the audience. The virtual manager is perfect for exhibitions, forums, and presentations.

A unique video clip is delivered on the screen that the projector projects the image onto, which bears the shape of a human silhouette.

The design is portable and takes little time to set up.

All of the Virtual Manager 3D system’s equipment are available for short- or long-term rentals, as well as for purchase. Holo Pro certified employees will install, test, and activate the system.

For positioning your company at your booth, hiring one or more virtual promoters for your event might be the ideal choice. And in the case of deploying advanced interactive capabilities of your virtual promoter, the effect of this technology will be simply amazing!

Hire a virtual promoter

You can easily order a 3D virtual manager for your event or presentation by calling our managers (live), who will provide you with detailed information about the price of the virtual promoter, video equipment rental, and all other nuances. Before we begin the actual project, we carry out an evaluation of the space that will be used for the installation and an analysis of the ambient lighting. Then, together with the experts of our company, we create a detailed plan for the installation.

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