Renting a multimedia projector can be the perfect solution for your event. Professional and powerful projectors are ideal for creating stunning images that will make any event unforgettable.

There are many uses for a multimedia projector, including trade shows, forums, conferences and shows. With clear image quality and a wide range of features, such as different lenses to choose from, forward or rear projection, different angles and distances for mounting projection devices, there are unique opportunities to integrate the projector as much as possible into the event’s equipment system. And make your event unforgettable.

In today’s world of sharp emotions and super-fast means of communication, high-tech means of presenting information are becoming increasingly important. Whether it is a presentation, an annual report, the introduction of a new device or brand to an audience, in all cases it is of utmost importance to draw the audience’s attention to the topic of the event or the organization of the presentation. In this case, the simplest and most effective way to draw the attention of the audience to an object is to organize its video projection on the screen of the company Holo Pro.

With the help of Holo Pro specialists, it’s easy to create projection content that will impress any audience.

Renting a projector and a screen


Renting a projector and a screen is not complicated at all. After agreeing on the details of the upcoming event and taking into account all the wishes of our client, we can rent a projector at a very reasonable price. We love our job and devote all our time to it.

Projectors offer superior image clarity compared to traditional TVs or monitors, and allow you to project video or static images over large areas. This makes them ideal for presentations or showing video at events with large audiences who need a clear image to follow what’s happening on stage or during the presentation itself.

Almost no event can do without the involvement of our specialists’. Besides renting projectors, we are also happy to rent screens of all sizes, plasma screens, laser devices, holographic projectors, 3D and 2D projections, lighting and sound equipment.

Everything you need on site to organize an unforgettable evening for your colleagues or clients, a company anniversary, you can easily find in the arsenal of the company Holo Pro.

Costs for the rental of projectors

The cost of renting a projector depends on its technical characteristics, the duration of the event and the transport accessibility of the location. But do not worry too much. Holo Pro Company will be happy to take care of all technical aspects of the event. Thus, your task of renting a video projector for the event will be simplified to the maximum. And in fact, all you have to do is enjoy the work of Holo Pro professionals

In addition, you can also rent audio equipment to make the immersion in the atmosphere of the festival as good as possible.


Only world brands and only the latest technology! That is our motto. And according to this motto we organize the technical support for each of your events at the highest level. And our cooperation will become a good tradition for you and a guarantee of success for business and entertainment programs.

Renting a professional multimedia projector also guarantees reliability when the event comes around; no technical problems due to outdated technology means that everything will run smoothly from start to finish, no matter how long you plan to use the equipment – which is especially important if you’re planning multiple shows over a long period of time!

When you rent a projector, you don’t have to spend money on expensive equipment if you only need it temporarily, and that makes renting a cost-effective option! Overall, rental options offer customers more flexibility while still providing high performance, which is especially important if you want to ensure the success of your next big event!

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  1. Maria Thornton

    Rent projectors for your event only here. Everything is very convenient, fast and affordable. Nice manager, you can find the best solution on all points. Thank you again.

  2. David

    I have been renting projectors from time to time with this company for over 5 years for various events. Super professional guys.

  3. Deborah Simpson

    Ordered a small projector to rent for a children’s party, delivered as promised, 5 +

  4. William

    Great flexible boys. We arrived at the venue for a more detailed look at the layout of the equipment. In fact, this tour is included in their services. The equipment itself is in perfect condition, everything worked out “A+”. Very responsive on the phone and gave constructive criticism of our initial plan, helped create an unforgettable show by offering their compromise solution. We rented a professional projector, sound and a huge 16:9 screen. I highly recommend this company.

  5. Maria Knight

    We would like to thank you very much for the perfect work in the field! We rented several projectors and screens from Holo Pro. The equipment was rented for commercials. All in the shortest possible time and at a feverish pace. Guys chose all intelligently, did it quickly, accurately and without problems! All the equipment is in order, now we are thinking of renting more interactive tables and an interactive bar for the next project.