LED screens are becoming increasingly popular for events, presentations and other occasions. Whether you are setting up a stage or an outdoor event, LED screens can provide the perfect backdrop for your presentation. With their vibrant colors and high-resolution displays, they create a stunning visual effect that grabs the audience’s attention. But what do you need to know about renting LED screens?

LED screen rent

Among the huge variety of video projection devices that the Holo Pro company uses in its active work at events, such a phenomenon as the LED screen cannot be ignored.

The technology of installation and operation of LED screens allows you to get high-contrast images of huge proportions. And unlike the image from the multimedia projectors, the video from the LED screen (LED) is more unpretentious. Such a projection is not afraid of bright light, direct light from the stage lights and an hour is optimal for use at large events with a large number of lighting equipment on the stage.

Advantages of LED screens

The use of LED screen offers many advantages over traditional projection systems:

  • Better image quality with higher resolutions than ever befor
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Longer life due to low heat output, meaning they do not burn out even after extended use
  • Greater brightness, making them ideal in brightly lit environments where projections would otherwise cause problems.

In addition, most modern LED screens offer users more flexibility in content design, allowing customized layouts specific to the needs of each event – giving clients maximum impact at minimum cost!

The size and shape of the screen can also be selected according to the client’s needs.

We offer a wide range of modifications of LED panels for rent. From mobile LED screens to stationary installations in the most unimaginable sizes and shapes.

Аренда светодиодного экрана в Москве

LED screen rental

LED However, screens can be successfully used not only at large events, presentations or concerts. They perfectly complement the decoration of your showrooms or very creatively fit into the design of your anniversary, wedding, presentation, company party or anniversary.

Аренда LED экрана  Аренда LED экрана

Rental LED screen can be equally the best solution for you during the event in a limited space or during the vacation outdoors (open air).

Due to the fact that the installation of LED screen for the event is the best solution to the problem of projections at most events in the rental market rental video projection equipment you will find a huge list of organizations offering rental of LED screen at a relatively low cost.

Аренда светодиодного экрана

And here it’ is very important to make the right choice. After all, choosing the contractor for the installation of LED screen at your event, the main thing is that the work, the implementation of which the organization was committed to qualitative, timely and carried out without risk to the entire event.

It is very important that in addition to the services for the rental, delivery and installation of LED screen to you was the full range of related services. Such as the care of the equipment during the event, the production of video content according to your individual wishes, and the qualified solution of all possible technical difficulties on site during the installation work and the entire period of operation of the LED screen.

Such complex equipment requires highly qualified service personnel. And we know this first hand. After all, the rental of LED screens is one of the most frequently provided services of our company for its customers.

Order a LED screen to the event

Holo Pro specialists will help you rent LED screens in all possible sizes for your event at the best prices. You just need to call us and you will get the best service in the shortest time.

There’s no blanket answer when it comes to cost, as prices vary depending on the size of the screen and how long it’s used – but in general, renting a LED screen should not be too expensive! You may also need additional equipment such as stands or rigging if your venue does not already have such facilities. These costs should be factored into your budget if you are considering renting a LED display system.

Content for LED screen

When selecting content for your rented LED display, make sure that all images used are properly optimized – this means that all photos must be resized to fit the designated area without being stretched or distorted too much (which could affect display quality). Also, make sure that the text used is legible against the background color by testing both versions beforehand. This way, viewers will be able to easily read all the important information displayed throughout the process without having problems due to poor visibility caused by incorrect formatting decisions!

Cooperation with Holo Pro company – this is the right way to success and prosperity!

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