Transforming INEBODY Vesper Relax: Holo Pro’s Logo Projection Installation


In the quest to create a captivating ambiance, the beauty salon “INEBODY Vesper Relax” has partnered with the renowned company “Holo Pro” to install a cutting-edge projector system. This innovative technology allows the salon to project their logo onto the asphalt outside the entrance, creating a mesmerizing visual experience for their clients. Let’s delve into the installation process, advantages, testimonials, and the overall impact of this captivating addition.

Installation Process:

To bring this unique logo projection to life, the skilled specialists from Holo Pro embarked on a meticulous installation process. They began by assessing the salon’s exterior and working closely with the INEBODY Vesper Relax team to determine the perfect location for the projector. Once identified, the team meticulously installed the projector, ensuring optimal positioning and calibration for the desired projection size and clarity.


Advantages of Logo Projection:

  • Memorable First Impressions: The logo projection on the asphalt outside the salon instantly grabs the attention of passersby, leaving a lasting impression. It acts as a beacon, drawing potential clients towards the salon with its captivating visuals.
  • Brand Reinforcement: The prominent display of the salon’s logo reinforces brand recognition among clients and the local community. The projection becomes a symbol of the salon’s commitment to excellence and innovation.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The logo projection adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the salon’s exterior, elevating its overall visual appeal. This unique installation sets INEBODY Vesper Relax apart from its competitors, making it a talking point among visitors.


“Since the installation of the logo projection by Holo Pro, our salon has witnessed a significant increase in foot traffic. The projection creates a captivating experience that entices potential clients to step inside and experience our services.” – Rebecca, Salon Manager.


“The logo projection is simply mesmerizing! Every time I walk past INEBODY Vesper Relax, I can’t help but stop and admire the beauty of the projected logo. It truly sets the salon apart from others in the area.” – Sarah, Local Resident.

Impact on INEBODY Vesper Relax: The installation of the logo projection has proven to be a game-changer for INEBODY Vesper Relax. It has not only increased foot traffic but also enhanced the salon’s overall reputation as a trendsetter in the industry. The projection acts as a captivating invitation, enticing clients to experience the salon’s range of services, further boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Holo Pro and INEBODY Vesper Relax has resulted in a remarkable logo projection installation that elevates the salon’s aesthetics and captures the attention of passersby. This innovative addition has proven to be an effective marketing tool, reinforcing the salon’s brand identity and leaving a lasting impression on both existing and potential

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