Video mapping is a unique technology that allows you to project three-dimensional objects onto almost any surface, taking into account their unique geometry. Such an object can be a building, a car, an interior, and even people! This technology increases the response to the presentation of goods and increases interest in the event, regardless of its focus.

Work on the preparation of 3D mapping requires a reasonable level of professionalism and knowledge of the subject. Experience plays an important role in this process. A large number of activities carried out in this area allows the accumulation of valuable experience in this area and avoidance of mistakes and miscalculations, which can fatally affect the success of the presentation.

The Holo Pro team has invaluable experience in exhibitions and events using 3D mapping technology. We have participated in large-scale installations at the city level. We have conducted presentations for large corporate clients in Russia and around the world.

The experience of working with our company will be the most positive experience of your interaction with the world of modern technology in the field of presentations.

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  1. Goodman

    I went to a friend’s wedding and loved it! The party turned out to be unforgettable, very atmospheric. Thanks to the projection on the wedding cake, the guests were just ecstatic. I want to express my joy and gratitude. The guys are lucky to have chosen such a team!