For professional work at large and important events with video content, special professional consoles are used to mix video streams from different sources in real time.

It is possible to quickly share clips, route them to different output points and even edit them online. Holo Pro’s professional team uses special equipment for this purpose. Since we are very attentive not only to the preparation process before the event, but also to the work on site, it is very important for us to have the most modern and high-precision equipment to eliminate the slightest risk and minimize the risk of force majeure at the event.

Video mixers for rent are an excellent solution for companies and organizations that need to create complex video presentations. We offer comprehensive solutions that allow you to organize video projections at events such as conferences, meetings or exhibitions.


We attach great importance to competent interaction with the customer side and try to quickly adapt to the situation on site.

Our company’s employees are highly experienced in using video consoles and other equipment related to working with video content. They can help you prepare your project from start to finish: Editing videos, creating special effects and ensuring the quality work of all components at every stage.

Our team is also able to provide on-site technical support to make sure everything works perfectly during live shows or recordings.

We guarantee our clients top-notch results when they use our services, no matter what type of event they’re planning:

  • Whether it’s an online conference that will be broadcast to the entire world
  • Or a small private party – we always strive for excellence, both in terms of the technology used and the customer service provided!

During work there are many problems, and of course it is impossible to avoid them with a notebook or a small computer. For this reason, the employees of HOLO PRO have created a special control room, where professional equipment is concentrated, which allows to adjust all projection zones in time.


  • The completion of the control room may vary. It depends on the number of projections at the event, the size of the projection surfaces, the number of projectors, and the distance between the desks and the work surfaces.
  • It is also important that the staff working in the control room has a constant visual contact with the projection and can control its quality in real time.

With a vast experience of working at various events on the territory of Russia, neighboring countries and Europe, our specialists guarantee a high level of technical support at the event, always respond appropriately to emerging challenges and pay maximum attention to customer interests. After all, your success is our success.


So if you’re looking for professional support in organizing any kind of multimedia presentation – don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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  1. Kim

    Prices is absolutely normal. No complaints about the rented video console. Nice to communicate with the staff. Modern company. They try to be on the cutting edge of progress in everything.

  2. Roland Steele

    I worked with this company for a while last year, and my impressions of it were positive. Great team, great management. They also have a very good attitude towards customers, they try to satisfy their customers’ needs in literally everything.

  3. Robert Miller

    Yesterday we rented a video console from Holo Pro. Great price. Very good staff. no words)

  4. Edna

    Thank you. The video mixer that you recommended for rent was really perfect for my tasks and at the same time fit easily into the budget allocated for this event. Thanks again!

  5. Joseph

    Absolutely recommend! Competent specialists, quality equipment, individual approach and understanding and attention to all the wishes of the customer! There is a variety of equipment for rent. Video consoles, light, sound, projectors and stuff like that. Thank you

  6. Glen

    Great company with professional team. I recommend this company to everyone!