The magnificence of laser shows on buildings

Laser shows have long been an impressive way to illuminate a building to highlight an event or occasion. These grandiose show programs are growing in popularity, as there are a variety of laser shows that event planners and organizers can use to present something unique and memorable. This article provides an overview of the wide variety of uses in the event industry, examples of large-scale laser show programs, the variations of laser shows, and our company’s successful and extensive experience in the field of laser shows. Let us dive into the world of laser shows on buildings.

The application of laser shows on buildings

The applications of laser shows on buildings range from corporate eventsto product launches, concerts, shows, folk festivals, weddings and more

Laser shows can include multiple patterns of colored light beams, dazzling images and impressive sound effects to create an impressive show. The magnificence of laser shows is not only visually appealing, but can also create a sense of awe and wonder in the audience. The versatility of laser shows means that they can be adapted to suit all themes, styles and preferences.

In the modern urban landscape, where all buildings resemble each other, it is very difficult to recognize one’s club, house or office if it was not originally designed. All buildings look the same, and everything around them blends into a monotonous, boring urban mass. Even the few historic buildings we inherited from previous generations are lost in the stone jungle. People stop noticing and enjoying the architecture that surrounds them in everyday life.

Therefore, the issue of marking certain buildings to make them original and distinguish them from the rest of the city is extremely important.

It’s not just about decorating the facades of buildings before an important event: New Year’s Eve, City Day or Christmas. For an hour, an original light decoration of the facade of a building can increase interest in the activities inside, attract customers or have a positive impact on the image and creativity of the organizations inside.

Examples of large scale laser show programs

There are numerous examples of laser shows on buildings that have left a lasting impression on the audience.

  • One such example is the New Year’s Eve laser show of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which has become an annual tradition. The show features a breathtaking light and sound show that captivates millions of people around the world.
  • Another example is the “Spectra” laser show in Singapore, a 15-minute show that combines water, light and a state-of-the-art sound system. The show is projected onto the Marina Bay Sands and captivates the audience with its breathtaking display.

The variants of the laser shows

There are different types of laser shows that you can choose from, such as

  1. beam shows
  2. graphic shows
  3. atmospheric shows.

Beam shows consist of laser beams projected in different patterns and color schemes.
Graphic shows, on the other hand, create visual effects through a combination of images, animations and laser beams.
Atmospheric shows involve the use of laser light that gives the audience a sense of depth and immersion.

Companies specializing in laser shows often invest in cutting-edge technologies to enhance the experience, such as the latest laser mapping techniques, video projections and LED displays. As technology advances, the possibilities for laser shows on buildings continue to expand.

Laser lighting for outdoor

Уличная лазерная подсветка

There are currently a lot of options for working with street lighting. And here it is important to choose a solution that best suits your needs and ideas of harmony and style. It should also be noted that the architectural lighting – it is an hour very expensive event and should pay attention to proper budgeting and proper optimization.

Holo Pro brings laser shows to life

As an event planner or organizer, choosing the right company for your laser show is critical. A company with successful and extensive experience in creating an impressive laser show can make all the difference in the success of your event. Holo Pro has been delivering impressive laser shows on buildings for years, setting new standards in this field.

We have the expertise, cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled professionals to cater to your needs and create a show that is nothing less than spectacular.

Our company proposes to use solutions that take advantage of the maximum area of the facade of your building with a minimum of lighting devices used, which gives you the opportunity to draw attention to your building and avoid unnecessary costs in the installation and further operation.

Laser illumination of the facade

Лазерная подсветка фасадов.

As an ideal solution in such cases, our company considers laser facade lighting. Competently distributed lighting devices can cover a large area, and the use of dynamic light and a variety of thematic show programs make 3D lighting of your building as spectacular and will not leave anyone indifferent.

Уличная лазерная подсветка

  • Laser street lighting can be used to decorate the facades of both public buildings and private homes outdoors. And there are no limits to the imagination here.
  • The most daring ideas can be easily realized with the help of Holo Pro specialists. Nothing is impossible for us, and we always rise to the task of meeting the most demanding requirements of our valued customers.


In conclusion, laser shows on buildings are an extravagant light show that can turn an event or occasion into something very special. The uses of laser shows are varied and range from corporate events to folk festivals. The different variations of laser shows, from beam shows to atmospheric shows, allow for an individual and versatile design. Examples of large-scale laser shows, such as those in Dubai and Singapore, show how fascinating they can be. Choosing the right company for your laser show is crucial, and our extensive experience and expertise in this field make us the ideal choice.

Readers should consider laser shows on buildings as a captivating and unique option for their upcoming events. Contact us to bring your next event to life with an exceptional laser show.

Choose us for an exceptional light show at your next event!

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