From science fiction movies to real-world applications, 3D holography has always fascinated us. Unlike traditional images, 3D holographic displays have the unique ability to create an illusion of depth and make images appear in mid-air. In this article, we take a closer look at how 3D holography works and explore its various applications.

As we continue to discover new applications for this fascinating technology, it’s important that we invest in its development and realize its full potential.

LED 3D projection for presentations and advertising

The hologram is now less sensitive to external light sources and harsh lighting thanks to the new technology, making a special collection of devices appropriate for producing small holographic images, both inside and outside.

LED HOLO is appropriate for projecting moving pictures, logos, brief informational messages, and stunning product displays for customers.

We have made a special effort to make LED HOLO operate as autonomously as possible so that you don’t have to be present to supervise at all times.

3D LED holography technology for events: An innovative way to captivate your audience

In today’s digital age, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture and hold the attention of your audience. Traditional marketing tactics are less effective and fail to leave a lasting impression. For this reason, many event marketers are turning to innovative, attention-grabbing technologies like 3D holographic displays to enhance their event experience.
How 3D holographic technology works

3D holographic technology uses a combination of optics and imaging technology to create a three-dimensional image that appears to float in mid-air.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can now remotely upload videos to the device and change content without interrupting its operation. It is enough to load a video once, set the schedule for turning on and off the holographic fan, and you no longer have to constantly worry about its operation.

Advantages of using 3D holographic technology at events

3D holographic displays offer an immersive experience that can captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. Here are some of the benefits of using this technology at your next event:

  1. Interactive and engaging entertainment
  2. Creates an immersive environment that feels like a live event
  3. Can be used to showcase new products, services or ideas
  4. Differentiates your event from the competition

What kind of image can be created with a 3D hologram

With this technology, it is possible to create a range of images, from a simple geometric shape to a complex image of a person or object. The images can move, rotate and even change color, giving them a lifelike appearance. 3D holograms are often used in the entertainment industry to create realistic and immersive experiences.

In addition, 3D holograms can be used in medicine, where they can help visualize complex medical procedures or educate doctors and students.

Another application of 3D holograms is in engineering and architecture, where they can be used to create virtual models of buildings and products for design and analysis purposes.

With holographic projection from our company you can now create projections:

  • Vehicles
  • People
  • Products and brands
  • Buildings
  • Jewelry
  • Medical goods and equipment
  • Food Products


Overall, the use of 3D holograms, with their ability to create stunning, lifelike images, is only limited by the imagination of the content creator.

The demand for 3D holographic technologies will continue to grow in the coming years, and they’re expected to become a standard marketing tool for many companies. Advances in technology will make them more accessible and affordable for all types of events, from small business seminars to large conferences.

Benefits of Holo Pro holograms

With its innovative and engaging features, 3D holographic technology offers an exciting way to enhance the event experience and effectively engage your audience. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make a memorable impression at your next event, using 3D holographic displays is an excellent investment for your business or organization.

Give your audience a unique experience they’ll never forget and try holographic 3D LED today!

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ТOur company also offers a desktop version of the hologram. This technical solution is perfect as a souvenir and has an additional function as a charger for your mobile devices:


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