Free Holo single product from Holo pro, ideal for 3D presentations, forums, advertising new products, goods, visualization of company brands. It is an innovative projection system for creating free floating holographic images.

Free Holo can be used in the pavilions of stores and shopping centers, showcases. With the equipment and patented technology developed by us, we can now simulate moving and static objects on a scale of 1:1.

For this purpose we use a unique screen that is practically invisible to the eye. The image that our specialists create for you in advance is projected onto it. The content is transferred from the player to a special projector and then to the screen placed at some distance from the viewer.

The projected standard image fits on a screen of 2.25 m and 3.00 m. However, the width of the screen can be increased up to 5 or 6 meters, so that you can project, for example, a car on a scale of 1:1! Combining the unique possibilities of computer graphics with professional sound creates a stunning effect of presence.

The most complete effect when using Free Holo is achieved in the dark or in rooms with controlled lighting.

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