In our company we offer sound systems for rent for various events. Whether it’s an exhibition or a presentation, our sound systems can be rented at affordable prices. We have a selection of kits suitable for different types of events, and we can also tailor a rental package to suit individual needs.

Renting has a number of advantages over buying your own sound system: First, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and storage costs, as we take care of that; second, you don’t have to invest in new equipment as technology evolves; third, renting offers more flexibility in terms of size and type of sound system, which isn’t always possible when buying.

Even the most modest corporate event cannot do without a minimum of sound equipment. Beautiful music creates a pleasant atmosphere for communication, lets you relax after the hustle and bustle of modern city life, puts you and the surrounding guests in the pleasant mood of the evening cocktail event.

What to say about events for which programs are planned active use of sound design potential:

  1. sound rental for weddings
  2. performances of live music groups
  3. voice accompaniment of events
  4. moderation work
  5. presentations
  6. active dance sets accompanied by a DJ and much more.

With all these many musical programs, it is simply impossible to do without sound and light rental.


Renting of sound and lighting equipment

These services offers a large number of large and small companies. How not to get lost in this variety of offers on the market and make the only right choice? The answer is simple: so much responsible function as the musical design of your event should be entrusted only to proven professional companies, proven track record in this area and have a solid track record.

After all, the success of the event itself depends on the right choice of contractor to perform the function of audio equipment rental. A careless approach to the issue of renting audio equipment for events can lead to undesirable results. Such as: no proper equipment package, the absence of equipment on the stage at a time when it should be actively working and, most unpleasantly, the failure of the event. This can lead to serious material and reputational damage to the organizers of the event.


Holo Pro is aware of its responsibility towards its clients and therefore takes extreme care in planning and executing sound reinforcement projects of any complexity. From renting sound systems for weddings or small chamber events to large-scale events. You will always find in us dedicated partners for your business, attentive and committed sound rental companies for absolutely any event.

Sound equipment rental

You should only sound rental and rental company “Holo Pro”, you will get qualified staff, real professionals of their industry and all this at a reasonable price for you and based on the specific wishes. Finally, clarity in working with customers, punctuality and attention to detail are the main features of the creative team of Holo Pro.

We know how important it’s that your event runs smoothly. That’s why we offer regular maintenance on all of our audio systems before they’re rented, so you can be sure everything will be running smoothly during your event! So why not get in touch with us today? Our friendly staff will be happy to help you get exactly what you need at great prices!

We’re always ready to pick up your sound equipment the same day you contact us, so you can get the perfect sound system for your trade show or presentation and not waste time searching for nothing. Our team will be happy to help you choose equipment tailored to your specific needs.

There are many advantages to renting from us:

  • Holo Pro will give you professional advice on choosing the most suitable sound equipment for your event
  • Our staff will deliver and install everything on site before the event begins. You won’t have any problems setting up or managing the whole process – just relax and enjoy!
  • If anything goes wrong during the event – don’t worry: we’re always here to help you with any issues that arise. When we’re there for you every step of the way, success is guaranteed!

Contact our team today and create an unforgettable experience with a high-quality sound system from our company!

We will select for you equipment that will meet all your needs for a particular event at a low cost. And the price-quality ratio of cooperation with Holo Pro will not leave you indifferent.


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