LED Floor for rent

The LED rental floor is an incredibly successful solution for almost any celebration.

  • It can be used for car presentations
  • Fashion shows
  • Children’s parties, etc
  • Decorate the reception area to make any event special.

Светодиодные полы

One of the most popular solutions for the decoration of clubs, lounges or in the design of exhibitions and presentations is flooring LED. The convenience and speed of installation, unpretentiousness in operation and visual appeal speak for this stylistic solution. Holo Pro produces and rents the flooring LED in various forms and configurations to its customers. This is because, thanks to the modular structure of the floor, it is possible to install it in almost any room. And it can even be used for individual scenic designs.

Holo Pro is a leader in LED technology.


Interactive LED floor

With an interactive LED floor that displays content designed specifically for them or for the theme of your event, guests can also participate in the flow of the celebration. And they can interact directly when they touch it. This creates a very special, immersive atmosphere.

Producing content for LED requires a lot of thought and effort, because it needs to be eye-catching and engaging enough to keep guests engaged throughout the presentation. And this is where the skills of Holo Pro’s staff are needed more than ever. That’s why you should consider renting – experienced professionals create unique visual effects on the spot using high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about creating something from scratch yourself!

This technology is actively used for lighting dance floors, designing exhibition stands, podiums at presentations, fashion shows, upscale parties and other creative events. Specially developed design is resistant to a variety of loads, economical and incredibly durable in use.

Светодиодный интерактивный пол

And despite some differences in design from the standard LED panels our company uses to design vertical surfaces, LED interactive floors Holo Pro works without any loss of image brightness or degradation of clarity.

LED floors prices

The company Holo Pro you can order not only a LED floor for rent at an affordable price, but also everything you need a list of related services for maintenance, installation, development of the concept of a video series for the LED floor.

The cost of these works from the company Holo Pro will pleasantly surprise you. And the quality of service will not leave you indifferent.

We approach the performance of our work with creative enthusiasm and each installation for us – it’s a real extravaganza of inspiration, where we try to perform as skillfully as possible, at first glance it would seem fairly standard tasks.

Renting a LED floor can add a whole new dimension to any party or presentation; it’s a surefire way to ensure everyone enjoys your event and remembers it long after! With professional help, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy while they take care of everything else – from creating custom visuals that match the exact atmosphere you want to achieve at the venue, to installing the equipment to make sure everything runs smoothly during the use of the allotted time and, if necessary, afterwards!

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  1. Tommy

    The guys have great service, make great light shows without any unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. They assemble LED floors of all configurations;

  2. James Williams

    After Four months we’re rented the LED floor here again for another event. As the first time rental was just flawless. No comments on this time at all. We will continue to cooperate with this company.

  3. Maria Spencer

    One year ago we rented an LED floor here for our event, and now we need it again. The company still works well. The prices haven’t changed, the choice of equipment has expanded, and our former manager hasn’t quit).

  4. Robert Harris

    We rented a LED floor from Holo Pro to see if we needed to buy our own for permanent showings in the salon. Figured we needed one.) Thanks to the Holo Pro staff for their advice – the information provided was very helpful.

  5. Amanda Wilkerson

    Thanks for the quick work. Need to rent a light floor for a shoot. Thank you so much for helping out. Would recommend!