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Holo Pro presents its new development – a projection holographic cube or Holo Box. This product – it’s ideal solution for trade shows, sales halls, presentations, offices, retail centers, where there is direct contact with potential clients. For positioning products in a limited space.

The holographic cube: An innovative solution for events

Holographic cubes are becoming increasingly popular at various events, from corporate presentations to product launches. Using advanced technology, holographic cubes can now deliver stunning 3D visuals that will captivate any audience, making them a perfect choice for events that want to stand out.

What is a holographic cube?

A holographic cube is a type of display that uses optical illusions to create 3D images. It is a structure made of glass or acrylic sheets arranged in a cube-shaped form. High-quality images or videos are projected into the panels, creating a floating image that appears to be floating in mid-air.

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The Holo Box uses a special unique technology that allows you to create free-floating objects inside a physical structure. To view the image you don’t need 3D glasses and create the absolute effect of three-dimensional image presence. If necessary, it is possible to compile virtual and physical objects.

The advantages of using a holographic cube

The biggest advantage of a holographic cube is its ability to create attention-grabbing 3D holograms. In a world where companies are competing for consumer attention, using holographic displays can help set a brand apart from the competition. Holographic cube displays are not only visually appealing, but can also be used to showcase products, deliver experiences, and entertain attendees.

This format of presenting information makes a striking impression on the client and will remain in his memory for a long time.

Despite its relatively small size (compared to other Holo Pro products), the projection holographic cube is quite popular for window decoration in stores (it can be placed on exterior showcases to attract customers inside the pavilion).

Holographic cube applications at various events

Holographic cubes from Holo Pro Displays can be used at various events, including trade shows, product launches, corporate events, and exhibitions. At exhibitions and trade shows, holographic cubes can be used to create attention-grabbing displays that make visitors stop and pay attention. At product launches, holographic cube displays can be used to showcase product features and benefits in unique, visually stunning ways. At corporate events, holographic cubes can provide attendees with an immersive experience and entertainment.

Quality equipment from our company

Holo Pro offers high-quality holographic cubes that are efficient and budget-friendly. We believe that event equipment should not break the budget, and our product prices allow affordable solutions for all events. Our holographic cube displays are built to the highest standards to ensure your event receives the best equipment possible.

Our holographic cubes are easy to set up, and we make sure our customers receive proper training so they can get the most out of the equipment. We know that events can be hectic, and we want to make sure that our equipment does not cause unnecessary stress. Our efficient set-up time ensures that the equipment is ready for use in the shortest possible time.

Holographic 3D Cube

It can be effectively used during shows, presentations, at forums, in stores, shopping malls, airports, train stations, hotels, museums, and banquet halls. Wherever there is direct contact with the target audience and there are some restrictions on the size of placement, the 3D projection holographic cube is the best solution for you.

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Easy installation (from 15 minutes), easy operation, easy loading and changing of content – all this will be additional advantages for you to work with Holo Box projection holographic cube. Holo Box has a built-in media player SD, CF card reader.

The Holo Box is brought into working condition by simple connection to 220V network. Reliable and unpretentious in operation. Equipped with remote control and AC adapter.

Our company is always open to cooperation with our dear customers. We try to find an acceptable form of interaction with each of them. You can not only buy all the equipment you are interested in, but also rent it.

Holographic box video

Budget solutions for events

Holo Pro offers budget solutions for events that still require quality equipment. We believe that events should not be limited by the cost of equipment, which is why we offer affordable pricing on our products. With our holographic cube displays, events can achieve stunning visual effects without breaking the budget.

Holographic cubes are the future of event displays that will captivate any audience with their stunning visuals. Our company offers high-quality and budget-friendly devices that can efficiently complement any event. If you are looking for an innovative technology that can make your event stand out from the rest, a holographic cube from Holo Pro Company is just what you need.

Get the high-quality holographic cube equipment from our company at budget-friendly prices. Create stunning visual effects that will captivate any audience. Make your event special now.

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