We were one of the first to introduce such a concept as holographic advertising! And we not only introduced it, but made this concept an objective trend in the market of advertising services.

Holographic commercial – increasing brand awareness and sales

Are you looking for innovative ways to promote your business? Would you like to attract the attention of your customers and increase your sales? Then holographic technology is the right choice for you. In recent years, holograms have become a game changer in the advertising world. From advertising for big brands to small businesses, holograms have successfully caught people’s attention and increased brand awareness. In this blog, we’ll explore the uses of holograms in advertising, how customers are responding, and the potential sales increases for your brand.

Applications of holographic technology in advertising

Holographic technology is a new way of presenting products and services. Using Holo Pro Company’s holographic technology, brands can bring their products to life in front of their customers. There are a variety of ways to use holographic technology in advertising, such as:

  1. Product launch events
  2. Trade shows
  3. In-store displays
  4. Window displays
  5. Outdoor advertising

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It is not easy to create a positive image of a company or a product without integrating modern technology into the production of the product. An exceptional and technological approach is necessary not only in production, but also in the phase of advertising the brand. Everything around us today is subject to progress. People pay great attention to modern devices that make life brighter and more comfortable.

Holographic advertising in the air.

And the advertising market is subject to the same laws. Therefore, Holo Pro’s innovative developments in the field of holographic advertising in the air have received great attention.

Advantages of 3D holographic displays

The main advantage of 3D holograms is that they attract attention. It’s an immersive experience that makes the product more memorable for the customer. It also helps to differentiate the product from the competition.

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Customer response to 3D hologram

One of the main reasons brands use holograms for their advertising is to reach their customers on a deeper level. Holograms get customers to engage with the product in a way that other forms of advertising cannot. An emotional connection with the product is created, which ultimately influences the customer’s decision-making process.

Studies show that customers are more likely to remember holographic advertising than traditional advertising.

Increased sales with holograms

Holographic displays play an important role in increasing sales. They help customers understand the product in detail, which ultimately encourages them to buy. Holograms also help to leave a lasting impression in the minds of customers, which turns them into repeat customers.
Case study: McDonald’s hologram advertising

One of the most well-known examples of holographic advertising is the use of holographic displays in McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes. The company used holograms to promote the animated movie “Minions” The holographic display showed the movie characters in a 3D projection format. The promotion resulted in a 42% increase in children’s meal sales.

Nowadays, hardly any event or advertising company can do without the use of modern technology. The emphasis in brand positioning is on Hi tech, on high technology.

And it is absolutely logical that in search of innovative solutions for advertising companies to present products, you have found an innovative company that can offer you a range of such solutions and holographic gadgets that are now most effectively used in advertising!

Starting from small holographic models of 3D holograms for small presentations, projections in store windows or pavilions, on company stands to large-scale outdoor holographic advertising!

Everything related to projection advertising and 3D holographic projections can be found in the list of Holo Pro services and products at very attractive prices.

In conclusion, holographic technology is a game changer in the world of advertising. It helps companies stand out from their competitors and target customers in more meaningful ways. Holographic technology is a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes. It leads to increased sales, customer loyalty and brand awareness. If you want to take your business to the next level, we recommend investing in holographic technology.

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Learn how holographic technology is changing the advertising world by engaging customers in more meaningful ways.

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