The key to the success of any event is high-quality video design. And in our time, in the age of high technology, a well-organized and executed event is unthinkable without the rental of a plasma screen. But it is not only important to rent a plasma screen for your corporate event.

It is important that all services for delivery, installation, connection and technical support of your event are provided in appropriate quality and exactly on the terms specified in advance.


Renting plasma screens is a great solution for any event. Plasma screens offer excellent picture quality compared to other types of screens and are the perfect choice for presentations, conferences, exhibitions or live broadcasts.

Plasma screens offer an excellent viewing experience with their high resolution and wide viewing angles, making them suitable for large audiences in large event spaces. There are many possible applications, such as displaying video walls or streaming content from multiple sources simultaneously on one screen without compromising performance. In addition, they can be used to create interactive experiences by allowing users to control what is shown on the screen via touchscreens or remote controls that are included with some models of plasma displays.

Plasma screen rental

And you can not do without the staff of Holo Pro creative agency. We offer you plasma screen rental with the full range of related works. From content creation and presentation development to qualified installation, maintenance and solving possible technical problems on site.

The ease of installation and commissioning significantly reduces the time required for all preparatory work, allowing you to complete large projects on the fly.

For the organization of presentations, video accompaniment, remote broadcasting, TV or simply for the decorative design of almost any event, the topic LED plasma panels rent and lease is of paramount importance.

Holo Pro attaches great importance to the right choice of plasma screen for the needs of a particular client, based on the specifics of the event and the importance of the tasks in front of our equipment.

Possible sizes

We provide plasma screens of any diagonal (including the most popular 50″, 60″, 65″ and 80″) for any event, from rental for weddings to lighting corporate presentations, forums or exhibitions of any complexity at a very affordable price.

Qualitatively new level of service from Holo Pro allows you to fully enjoy your celebration and not worry about the accuracy of execution of technical nuances.

Whether it is a synchronous transmission in real time or a presentation from a simple flash drive, our staff is ready to perform the task at the highest level and in the shortest possible time to organize and implement a project for you with LCD plasma panels of any complexity at the most affordable cost.

Organization of broadcasting

Organizing transmissions via plasma screens requires professional technical support as well as a reliable Internet connection and appropriate software solutions depending on the type of transmission required (setting up an e-learning platform, webinar streaming, etc.). The cost of renting a single device can vary, but usually includes delivery costs and installation costs if applicable; however, discounts may be available when renting several devices at once, depending on company policy, so it is always worth asking beforehand!

Finally, our company guarantees the professional work of its employees – all technicians are certified professionals who will ensure that your project runs smoothly throughout its duration, no matter how complex it may seem at first!

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  1. Michael

    During my interaction with this company there have been no questions or problems, just thank you. LCD panels of various sizes are always found quickly. I advise everyone, you won’t regret it.

  2. Denise Roberts

    wonderful team, the range of projection equipment for the event is somewhat astounding. My colleagues and I rented tv panels and a small sound for the presentation. Everything works well, prices are ok, etc. We can talk about the pluses forever.

  3. Barbara

    Real professionals of their business!!!

  4. Deborah Enza

    I organize events – I regularly turn to Holo Pro to rent equipment (plasma screens, projectors, lights, sound equipment). Quality and service are always at the top, the company takes care of all maintenance of the event and you do not have to worry about what you do not understand. Thank you very much for the excellent work and flexibility in all matters! We recommend!

  5. Weber

    Thank you very much and good luck in your future projects! You’re just the best, keep making people happy with your work!