Hologram 3D projection: bringing the imagination to life

Have you ever imagined your favorite superhero coming to life before your eyes? Now it’s possible with hologram 3D projection! Hologram 3D projection is a revolutionary technology that is changing the way we see things. In this article we will explore the world of 3D hologram projection and its applications in events and commercials.

HOLO PRO – innovative solutions in the field of holographic presentations.

How does hologram 3D projection work?

Hologram 3D projection is a technology that uses a projection system to create a 3D image in the air. This is done by projecting light onto a screen or transparent surface that reflects the image back to the viewer. The projection system takes into account the viewer’s position and the angle from which they are viewing the image to create a realistic 3D image.

Applications of 3D hologram projection

Hologram 3D projection has a wide range of applications in events and commercials.

  • It can be used at product launches
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences to attract the attention of the audience.
  • It can also be used in commercials and advertisements to create a memorable experience for viewers.

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At events, 3D hologram projection can be used to introduce a new product or technology. It can be used at concerts to create a virtual stage with holographic performers. Hologram 3D projection can also be used in theme parks and museums to give visitors an immersive experience.


In advertising, hologram 3D projection can be used to create an interactive advertisement. This allows a product to be presented in a new and innovative way. Hologram 3D projection can also be combined with augmented reality to give viewers a hands-on experience with the product.

The development of modern society, the introduction of new innovative technologies in everyday life inevitably forces manufacturers to introduce more and more new information systems to inform their customers about the appearance and benefits of their products. And the use of high-tech solutions in the field of advertising promotion also brings enormous benefits to manufacturers.

3D holograms, interactive sales, the most daring and creative advertising solutions help to attract customers to their goods and increase brand loyalty.

What is 3d hologram?

What is a modern hologram? It is a 3d projection of a three-dimensional image of the positioned product, which uses the effect WOW to attract the potential consumers attention to the advertised product.

Currently, there is already a whole range of visual solutions that work with the advantages of 3D holographic projection in the air. These can be:

  • 1:1 scale holographic models.
  • 3D pyramids (from relatively compact to large formats),
  • Holographic showcases,
  • Holographic rooms for presentations, exhibitions, conferences, business forums, corporate events as well as events of all kinds!

The range of applications of holographic technologies in advertising is very wide, for example: in advertising, indoors, in any room. And opting for 3D projection and innovative solutions to promote your products really opens up great opportunities for companies.

Holo Pro group (as the name suggests) was established as a creative and creative community engaged in introducing the latest breakthrough 3D projection technologies to the presentation market both.

3D hologram projection is a breakthrough technology that paves the way for immersive experiences. It offers a wide range of potential applications in events and advertising. From virtual stages to interactive advertising, the possibilities are endless. So why not take your event or commercial to the next level with hologram 3D projection?

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3d hologram in the air

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