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As technology advances, so do our creative ways of displaying and presenting information. One such innovation is Holo Pro Company’s holographic pyramid, a tool that can be used to create stunning 3D images that appear to float in mid-air. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the holographic pyramid and its application in the field of exhibitions, forums and presentations, and find out how you can create compelling content for this unique display tool.

A common solution to the challenge of drawing the target audience to your booth or point of sale in a busy area is the hologram pyramid.

The WOW effect will pique the interest of the audience in your brand (brand awareness). Also, the originality of the presentation materials creates a psychological link between the presenting product in the 3D holographic pyramid and the pleasant feelings the clients have while interacting with our innovative solution.

The holographic pyramid: an overview

A holographic pyramid is a transparent, pyramid-shaped structure made of a special type of reflective plastic that reflects images from a screen below. When viewed from certain angles, these mirrors combine to form an impressive 3D image that appears to float inside the pyramid.

This technology is relatively new to the world of exhibitions and presentations, but has quickly gained popularity due to its unique and captivating nature. It is a powerful tool for attracting audience attention and can be a great way to present products, services, ideas or information.

Голографическая 3D пирамида  Голографическая 3D пирамида

Application of holographic pyramids

The applications of holographic pyramids in the field of exhibitions, forums and presentations are immense. They have become a popular tool for companies and organizations that want to promote their product or service. These pyramids can be used at presentations, trade shows, museums, events and many other occasions to highlight your content.

Some of the main applications are:

  • Product presentation: you can use a holographic pyramid to show your product from any angle. This not only makes the product more attractive, but also provides a clear and comprehensive understanding of the product features.
  • Information Display: Holographic pyramids are also a great way to display information in an engaging and interactive way. You can use them to display your company’s milestones, key objectives or future goals.
  • Grab attention: exhibitors use holographic pyramids to engage visitors and generate interest in their products or services. These pyramids can create an engaging experience for visitors and draw them to the booth, making them more willing to engage with you.

Holo Pro’s collaboration is always a promise of flawless outcomes, professionalism, and effectiveness.

Holographic pyramid video:

Creating content for holographic pyramids

When creating content for holographic pyramids, it’s important to note that the pyramid works best with high-quality images or videos. Follow these guidelines to make sure your content shines:

  1. Use high-quality images: Use high-quality images to ensure the best 3D experience possible. The resolution of the images should be 1080p or higher.
  2. Keep it short: Keep the video or image itself short and make sure it can be viewed in less than 2 minutes. The shorter the content, the better holographic pyramids work.
  3. Choose the right angle: Position the camera below the pyramid and slightly behind it, so that it points to the center for the best effect.
  4. Incorporate motion: Adding motion and animation to your content enhances the experience by creating the illusion of movement necessary to make the content more dynamic.

A unique technique to deliver information to a potential consumer is via the holographic pyramid projector. It is possible to blend actual physical things inside the pyramid with holographic images there. The appearance of a real object inside the pyramid is achieved by projecting unique 3D content onto the pyramid’s sides.

If required, it is simple to connect the interactive system with the holographic pyramid system, which creates fresh chances to draw customers to your offering.

Pyramid holographic 3D projection

The number of projection surfaces on the pyramid might be three or four, depending on the needs of the client. For custom designs, the size of the pyramid might range from 10-15″.

When using high resolution content (Full HD, 4K), a large holographic pyramid can be utilized to portray items outside during the daytime hours in the dark and create a stunning effect of presence.

If required, the projected 3D holographic pyramid is installed on a special stand that can carry elements of individual branding. The scope of delivery includes the pyramid itself in the desired size, AC adapter, remote control.

Budget solution for your event

Event organizers are always looking to be innovative and cost effective so as not to break the budget for their exhibition, event or presentation. Our holographic pyramid is not only affordable, but also guarantees value for money and ensures that your audience can experience state-of-the-art interactive 3D displays. Our flexible, customized solutions are suitable for any size event, small, medium or large.

Holo Pro Company as market leader for holographic pyramids

Our company is the market leader in the production of holographic pyramids. We pride ourselves on the high quality material we use for our products, which guarantees a first-class holographic experience. Whether you want to showcase your product, brand, or other visual content, we have got you covered. Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect pyramid size and create the content.

We are prepared to develop the content for projection and handle all of the planning and implementation for the presentation of the holographic show at the client’s desire.


To sum up, holographic pyramids are an innovative and futuristic way to present ideas, products or services in a 3D way that instantly captures the audience’s attention. They are a great tool for exhibitions, promotions, trade shows and numerous other forms of presentation. When creating content for a holographic pyramid, remember to use high-quality images, keep it short, choose the right angle, and incorporate movement. As a leader in the production of holographic pyramids, Holo Pro guarantees you the best value for your money and the best holographic experience in town.

Also, Holo Pro rents out equipment on a temporary or permanent basis.

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