Rent a projection screen for event

Renting a projection screen for an event can be a great way to give your guests the best experience possible. With the right configuration and quality, renting a projection screen offers you many advantages.

Hardly any event today can do without the rental of a projection screen. Whether it is a wedding, an anniversary, a concert, a show, an exhibition, a presentation, a major event, a city convention, a conference or simply a company party – the rental of a screen for the stage is almost always an integral part of an event.

Holo Pro specialists are always enthusiastic to solve even the most difficult tasks.

Аренда экрана

Performances of artists (renting a screen for the stage), the annual presentation of the company or a photo album at the wedding of young lovers – in all these cases, the projection of large sizes and for a large audience will be useful!

Projection screens configurations

First of all, there are different configurations for renting projectors and screens. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you can choose from retractable screens or wall-mounted screens in a variety of sizes, from small portable units to large theater-sized models. For rear or front projection. This ensures that any type of presentation or performance at your event has the perfect backdrop for maximum impact on the audience. What’s more, these configurations can be used in both work and recreational settings, so they can be used for both business presentations and movie nights at home or in the your office party! You can use our projection screens indoors and outdoors. It all depends on your event.

Large screen rental

Аренда больших проекционных экранов

Contrary to a common misconception, renting and leasing big screens for an event is not that costly financially. After all, you rent a seamless big screen only for the duration of your event. So, the cost of renting a screen for a video presentation at your event depends on the duration of the event.

Rental prices for a projection screen

The cost of renting a projection screen for an event also depends on its size, the type of installation and related services. These include: Lighting equipment rental, video projection equipment rental, sound rental, and transportation of personnel and equipment to the venue.

Among other things, our specialists will advise you on the installation and multimedia projector for your presentation, prepare the content for you and ensure the installation of all necessary equipment at the venue. If necessary, we will conduct photo and video recording at the event.

Screen rental


In addition to renting and leasing event screens, Holo Pro specialists can also help you organize large-scale outdoor events.

Large-scale projections can be organized not only in confined spaces, but also for corporate parties and open-air events. For outdoor events we have special offers for our clients to rent outdoor screens and projectors.

Other options

Another benefit associated with renting projectors and screens is the image quality, which is often better than standard televisions thanks to Holo Pro Company’s high-definition multimedia projectors, which provide clear images even at long distances! If additional options, such as sound systems, need to be rented as well, this can also be easily taken care of by our company. We offer audiovisual equipment services – and make sure that all the necessary elements come together smoothly for any event!

To sum up, renting projectors and screens makes sense – they aren’t only equipped with various configurable settings, but also provide excellent image quality regardless of where they’re placed in the environment – ensuring maximum satisfaction for the participants of the events you organize!

The success of our clients’ event is the main task of Holo Pro company.

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  1. James Brooks

    We rented a projection screen here for my dad’s anniversary. No problems, plus friendly price, plus quality equipment.

  2. John Anderson

    I rented 4 projection screens from Holo Pro for the presentation of our loyal customer’s new boutique. The event was above all praise, everything was perfect. I liked the price and everything else, no problems.

  3. Herman Torres

    I was looking for a few projection screens to rent for a show here. They rented them for 3 days with no questions asked. When it came to issues of payment and use, it was easy to agree, or rather, to discuss everything. Flexible and convenient service.

  4. Frank

    I regularly work with this company, we only rent projectors, cameras and projection screens here. For professional work it is the best solution. Excellent service and quality equipment.

  5. Lois Wilson

    Excellent company, competent specialists professionally solve all the tasks assigned to them. There are projection screens for rent in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

  6. Sean Graves

    Excellent and convenient service. The warehouse is open 24 hours a day. No problem to install video projection equipment for an important event at night, for example. Everything is coordinated and always at its best.

  7. Lester Henderson

    I was in the showroom at Holo Pro. I was impressed that they have a great selection of equipment. Rent projectors, screens, LCD panels, LED, holograms. Very friendly and knowledgeable professionals at the company. We plan on renting a photo lab for our corporate party.